Discover Romania: Part I – Introduction


Am inceput acum ceva timp sa fac o lista pe Facebook cu video-uri si articole despre Romania pentru prietenii/cunostintele mele din strainatate care-mi tot spuneau ca vor sa viziteze tara.

Pentru a evita incarcarea lenta a paginii, linkurile catre video-uri nu vor aparea sub forma de  video (embed video) ci vor ramane doar linkurile catre ele. Toate linkurile din acest articol sunt de culoare rosie si puteti da click pe ele pentru a fi directionati catre paginile respective.

Voi posta si aici lista, poate ma puteti ajuta cu mai multe surse, cu conditia ca acestea sa fie in limba Engleza. Lista este in limba Engleza (din motive evidente).


Part I: Introduction

I’ve been working on this list for a while and I got to find lots of interesting and good presentations about Romania, but as the list grew larger it became harder to follow, so I decided to split it into parts, as I shall do from now on.

The idea of creating this list came to me when I was talking to some people who told me they want to visit Romania one day, so I decided to make this sort of playlist with videos and articles to help them see what Romania has to offer, and I hope these will be helpful for foreigners interested in visiting.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Romania (although, I’m Romanian), on the contrary, but when I see the beauties beyond the cement cities I understand that this is truly a remarkable country and I understand why foreigners appreciate it so much.

I hope this list helps you. Whenever I will find something interesting, I’ll post it here. Also, I ask my Romanian friends to post other links and make this more complete and accurate.

Unfortunately, I can’t tag more than 50 pages in a post, so I couldn’t tag some, but I left a link to them. Also, some creators don’t have Facebook pages or I haven’t found them. I’m sorry for that. I will update this page with links to their websites or other online places.

So, first things first, I think it’s best to start with a general presentation, and I’ll start with the Wikipedia page to make a general idea about the country.

Here’s a short video about some things that you should know about Romania as well, and how it contributed to the world. Thank you Fresh til Death!

10 Surprising Romanian Discoveries and Inventions

Another video about the inventions that actually came from Romania. 🙂

The World without Romania

Aaaaand another top 10, made by Top10Archive, some will probably blow your mind. 🙂

Top 10 AMAZING Facts About ROMANIA

A good presentation of Romania in only 12 minutes (but please stop it with the vampire stuff!)

Romania Explained!


If you really have that much interest in time, here are some important and fascinating documentaries about Romania.

România sălbatică (2021), România neîmblânzită (2018), Flavors of Romania (2018), Wild Carpathia (2011), . Some historical documentaries would be Mihai Viteazul: Printul intrat in legenda Europei (2022), Regele Mihai: Drumul spre casă (2021), 30 de ani de democrație (2020), Jurnalul familiei -Escu / Being Romanian (2018)În căutarea tatălui pierdut (2016), Chuck Norris vs Communism (2015), Dupa revoluție (2010), Metrobranding (2010)

Found this short video of an American’s “reaction” to Romanian lifestyle and found it very interesting and well documented (although, not completely, he made small mistakes). Worth watching! Thank you Lifey app!

American REACTS to Romanian Lifestyle | Romania Is Amazing

Another great video, well made, funny and accurate, made by Geography Now. Really hits some important issues (gypsies/roma people, hungarians and romanians etc.) and tells the info as it should. Thanks guys!

Geography Now! ROMANIA

Probably the best presentation of Romania is by Canadian travel vloggers JetLag Warriors. 90 days spent in Romania (instead of a week, how they planned), various cities visited, lots of food presentations and so much more! They are very fun, educational and inspiring! 5 stars, 6 stars! Mulțumesc Ivana & Steve!

1st Video – 24-HOUR journey to Romania on an overnight train

2nd Video – First Impressions of Timisoara, Romania

3rd Video – Our surprising FIRST DAY IN BUCHAREST, Romania

4th Video – First Impressions of Bucharest, Romania

5th Video – Insanely delicious ROMANIAN FOOD FEAST

6th Video- This event in Romanian history will BLOW YOUR MIND

7th Video – Is this the BEST shawarma in the world? – ROMANIA Streets food tour

8th Video – $0.60 Romanian metro (First impressions of Bucharest metro)

9th Video – We were the only tourists in this local Romanian market!

10th Video – The MOST ROMANIAN WEEKEND we could imagine @ Transfăgărășan

11th Video – Things about Romania you probably don’t know

12th Video – We didn’t expect this ROMANIAN VILLAGE in Bucharest

13th Video – LIVE from Bucharest!

14th Video – First time trying ROMANIAN STREET FOOD

15th Video – Back in Pakistan? (PAKISTANI FOOD IN ROMANIA)

16th Video – Romania’s MOST EXOTIC destination @ Therme Bucharest

17th Video – Trying 6 types of ROMANIAN CIORBĂ (Romanian traditional food)

18th Video – Our first ever European football experience (WOW!)

19th Video – LIVE from Vama Veche, Romania

20th Video – Our $750/month Apartment + Neighborhood Tour in Bucharest

21st Video – First Time Driving in Bucharest!

22nd Video – First Impressions of Romanian beaches @ Vama Veche

23rd Video – Did we just find the BEST MICI in Romania?

24th Video – Sorry, Brasov

25th Video – Spooky stuff in Dracula’s castle

26th Video – Romanian hospitality on a countryside roadtrip (en route to Sibiu)

27th Video – My favorite place in Romania

28th Video – Romania’s underground amusement park @ Salina Turda

29th Video – We got stranded in the Romanian Amazon! @ Danube Delta

30th Video – We learned to cook traditional Romanian food! @ Danube Delta

31st Video – Missing Malaysian food in Romania (so we made this!) #MYFlavorsEurope

32nd Video – First impressions of Iași, Romania

33rd Video – Rejected at Moldovan Border

34th Video – First impressions of Chișinău, Moldova

35th Video – Who says Moldova is boring?

36th Video – Are we in the ‘North Korea’ of Europe? :O

37th Video – Pulled over by Moldovan police! :O

38th Video – Authentic Romanian village farm in Bucovina

39th Video – Local man took us deep into Romanian forest to find mushroom

40th Video – LIVE from Cluj-Napoca

41st Video – Market hunt at Bucovinațs Painted Monastery


43rd Video – The ‘happy cemetery’ made me sad?

44th Video – Romantic getaway in a tiny Romanian village

45th Video – Most charming walled city in Romania. SIGHIȘOARA

46th Video – Most recommended place in Romania by our subscribers!

47th Video – What we love & hate after 3 months in Romania

48th Video – Cooking my favorite Romanian food (MICI) for my Canadian family 🇷🇴 🇨🇦

49th Video – I opened MICI shop in Malaysia! 🇹🇩 🇲🇾 (BEST Romanian food)

Oh, you thought they are done with Romania? Nope. They’re back for more! 2022 videos below!

50th Video – We flew back to Romania for THIS! 🇷🇴

51st Video – Romanian football fans are the best in Europe!!🇷🇴

52nd Video – This is why we came to Cluj-Napoca, Romania 🇷🇴

53rd Video – Ciorba de burta is LIFE! 🇷🇴 (Romanian tripe soup)

54th Video – LIVING OFF-GRID in Romanian countryside 🇷🇴

55th Video – Blessed with Romanian ‘good luck’ in Oradea 🇷🇴

56th Video – Probably the most beautiful place in Romania… 🇷🇴

57th Video – Visiting the most important city in Romania 🇷🇴

58th Video – Grape season in Romania is heaven…a MUST! 🇷🇴

59th Video – We were invited to sleep at King Charles’ House!

60th Video – We are back in Moldova!!!

61st Video – This is where we want to live in Romania…Bicaz it’s beautiful! 🇷🇴

62nd Video – This is the most underrated place in Romania…exploring Piatra Neamt🇷🇴

63rd Video – We were invited by Rapid Bucharest for all access game experience

64th Video – Overwhelmed by Romanian beauty…BICAZ it’s GORGEOUS!🇷🇴

65th Video – Why we keep coming back to this Romanian city… 🇷🇴

66th Video – We found the BEST restaurant in Romania! 🇷🇴

67th Video – Why we admire Romanian people 🇷🇴

68th Video – 10 hours on a Romanian train…🇷🇴

69th Video – Trying 5 most popular Romanian desserts! 🇷🇴

70th Video – Did not expect this at Craiova Football match 🇷🇴

70th Video – First Impressions of Craiova, Romania 🇷🇴

71st Video – The sweetest Romanian Grandma invited us to her farmhouse ☺🇷🇴

72nd Video – We were invited to a Romanian birthday party! 🇷🇴

73rd Video – Can’t believe this is Romania! 🇷🇴

74th Video – We booked cheapest INTERNATIONAL flight from Romania! 🇷🇴 ✈️❓

I came across some videos made by Australian travel vloggers Flying The Nest, exploring Romania. I was amazed by their presentations and I highly, highly recommend you see these videos below.

First Thoughts on Romania | Romania’s Most Dangerous Hammock

This Side of Romania No One Shows You

We Explored Transylvania in Romania | Most Scenic Train + Corvins Castle

We Tried Authentic Romanian Food in Transylvania

We Drove on the Greatest Driving Road in the World | Transfagarasan in Romania

You can check more on their website

Found some other cool travel videos done by Lana Tiare and her boyfriend, this time concentrating on Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

First video, first impressions. It seems that we’re not doing so bad! Indeed, we have a problem with tap water, although in some areas it seems that the water is cleaner while in other areas it is not (and I don’t know why). But, like Lana said, other countries have water machines, which I haven’t seen here in a looong time, so these critiques are very good and should be taken into consideration. I’m really thinking to ask everyone that I’ve presented in these series (foreigners who traveled to Romania) to make some videos in which they say what they would like to be changed in Romania. Bravo Lana!


A very good presentation of Bucharest, with lots of info that even I didn’t know about, and I’m sure that many locals don’t know either, so this is great for both foreigners and locals who really should start learning about this city and start respecting it. The old generation, meaning our parents and grandparents had a better education, stronger general culture than us, so they probably know these things, and I think that we should start learning about them too. Thanks Lana! Very informative! I promise I’ll make a list of the best Romanian restaurants and I’ll send it to you and post it here too. 🙂 The thing is… the really good stuff is “hidden”, it’s in those restaurants that don’t have flashy things around and big names, it’s the old restaurants that kept the quality of the food. Give that restaurant the review it deserves on TripAdvisor please!


I don’t know what to say about this one. The video speaks for itself. It’s honest and probably one of the best videos with the Bucharest Christmas Market I’ve seen. It was a great idea that you’ve chose to visit it during weekdays and not in the weekend. The food selections were great, but I’d recommend trying some traditional sweets as well! 🙂 Overall, great video!

CHRISTMAS MARKETS IN BUCHAREST (trying traditional Romanian food)

Nice, you were at Timpuri Noi, 5 minutes away from me. 🙂 Those wall decorations inside the station give me dizziness for some reason. But one metro station you should check out is Politehnica, where the floor has fossils dating back 80 millions years ago. The limestone tiles used when the station was built back in 1983 has been taken from Apuseni Mountains. Nobody knew that those strange figures in the tiles were actually fossils of prehistoric living organisms. For more info, go here and try using google translate to read. Politehnica Fossils.

The food market… You hit the right spot!!! Although those sarmale seem a little uncooked, I bet they taste better than those in a fancy restaurant. And the polenta (mamaliga)… that is how mamaliga should actually look! 🙂 Btw, most romanians like to put sour cream and salty cow cheese and mix them with mamaliga and eat it like that, with nothing else.

At the supermarket you just went be some real jewels, called cozonac! And those ones look pretty good! 😀

About the connection between the French and Romanians there’s a lot to talk about. Mostly, from the artistic side. Many Romanians were influenced by French literature and art, and big Romanian writers and artists were actually stationed in France between 1890 until up to 1945. Artists from the symbolist movement, dada movement and others were in close relationship with Romanian writers and artists. And last but not least, French was the most spoken language at that time. After that, Russian was spoken because of the communist regime, and then this weird language that I’m writing now… English! 😀

Tasty ROMANIAN STREET FOOD + local food

The last video is actually the first video I’ve seen from them, and it caught my attention. It’s very well made, and as I suggested, it would be amazing to also make a comparison of the salaries in Romania and the salaries from the other countries. Great job! Thank you Lana!


I came across a video some time ago, I think a year or two, and totally lost it. I recently found and to my surprise, the vlogger came up with more interesting videos.
Ella Slingsby from the UK had the chance to see Romania and learn about it, and she shares her experiences and thoughts with you. I won’t be posting all her videos from Romania, since not all of them are strictly about Romania.

I will post her videos about Romania in the order that she posted, from the oldest to the newest.  Don’t be scared that they’re too many, they are also short and straight to the point. 🙂














Hotel Getaway in Romania Mamaia, Black Sea – VLOG!

vlog – trying matcha for the first time! exploring a new cafe in Romania 🙂

Trying THE BEST rated coffee shop in my city in ROMANIA!

Trying McDonald’s McCafe Romania!

What’s different in Romania…

What I like about living in Romania!

Price differences between Romania & UK…

Beach Day in Romania! VLOG

What’s the same in Romania and UK?

A day in my life in Romania! Dolphin show, old town, favourite restaurant & more

Summer day in my life in Romania!!

Habits I’ve adopted whilst living in Romania…

A Sunday in Romania…

Are trendy worldwide foods good in Romania?

British girl talks about her experience living in Romania so far…

What i ate today as a ballerina in Romania!

My British parents visit Romania for the 1st time! Their first impressions…

My Parents in Romania! Street food, park festival, city park mall, family time and more!

Romanian Beach day with my Parents!

Trying Romania’s Starbucks Fall Drinks!

40 Things to do in Constanta, Romania!

Tour of Constanta with my Parents! Bus tour + Cable cars…

VIVO Shopping Mall, Constanta Romania. First impressions…

Restaurants you MUST try in Constanta, Romania!

Ballerina on tour in Romania!

What’s different in UK to Romania?

A Cozy weekend in Romania…

Cost of Living in Romania 2021

Listening to Romanian music for the first time…

Days in my life in Romania… getting in the Halloween spirit👻🎃

Things you should know about Romania…🇷🇴

Trying to speak Romanian…

Ways to save money in Romania…

4 days in Romania | performing, sweet memories, yum food & cozy evenings

What can £10 get you in Romanian Supermarkets?

Visiting Brasov for the first time!!! Part 1

Visiting BRASOV for the 1st time! Part 2

National Romania Day 2021 in Constanta!

Lets get in the Christmas spirit!!

Exploring Bucharest for the first time!! Part 1

My First day in Bucharest!!!

British Trying Romanian Snacks…

Romanian Apartment Tour!

Attempting to speak Romanian… Part 2

Answering YOUR Questions!!!

Trying Traditional Romanian Food for the First time!!!

Difference between the most famous people in Romania & UK….

For my Romanian Subscribers…

Reacting to 30 Facts I didn’t know about Romania…

I came across Hey Radhia‘s channel now in 2022, and I’m super pleased of her Romania travel vlog series. Go check this amazing stuff!


Should you visit BUCHAREST? 🇷🇴 | ROMANIA


How safe is Romania? 🇷🇴 | Solo Muslim traveller

The JEWISH community in BUCHAREST 🇷🇴 | What happened to them?

Is this the most FAMOUS Place in TRANSYLVANIA? 🇷🇴 | ROMANIA

The most UNIQUE city in EUROPE? | SIBIU 🇷🇴 ROMANIA

The ROMANIA You Didn’t Know Existed 🇷🇴 | Sighișoara

All ALONE in Sighisoara, ROMANIA 🇷🇴 (Solo Female Travel)

Exploring ‘LITTLE ROMANIA’ (searching for Romanian food) 🇷🇴

A very well made short video of Dobrogea region, with the seaside city of Constanța, and some amazing footage of the Danube Delta. Thanks to TheLifeOfJord

DOBROGEA – The Incredible Beauty of Romania



Same as TheLifeOfJord is our travel vlogger iAmAileenTV who was in the same trip, and got to take some great footage from Dobrogea, but also from Buchares and more!

Exploring Dobrogea | (Romania’s Danube Delta and More!)

Now, here’s something different. A professional documentary about Romania with english subtitles!

It’s not just a journey, not just an adventure, just as Peter Hurley is not only a foreigner coming to Romanian lands. An Irishman, who loves this country, has traveled in 2012, on foot, from Sapanta to the Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest. He then wrote a book about the people who welcomed him and showed him hospitality with nothing to ask in return. In his journey, step by step, Peter Hurley discovers what the real Romania is, the country who opened him with open arms. The Irishman has recounted the trip together with the Agerpres Video team.

Thanks to AGERPRES!

Descoperă România cu Peter Hurley – Documentar video integral

Some romanian footage of Colțul Surpat Cave or Bears Cave in Cheile Dâmboviței. Unfortunately, only Romanian language, no subtitles. Must see, must visit! Thanks to Trasee pe Munte

Pestera Coltul Surpat sau Pestera Ursilor din Cheile Dambovitei

Some good travel tips from “Grounded Life Travel” channel (unfortunately I can’t find a Facebook page)

Romania Travel Tips & Guide | Bucharest, Brasov, and Transylvania

A short but good and honest video about Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj and Timisoara. Thanks WanderTooth!

Visiting Romania!

Some other cool videos from WanderTooth!

Welcome to Bucharest, Romania!

Take Me To: Bucharest

Driving Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway

Check more on his website –

Erin Jeanette shows us some beautiful shots in the center of Bucharest, in the Old Center, and some footage from inside the beautiful Cărturești Carusel Bookstore.

Travel Vlog: Bucharest, Romania


Should you be afraid to travel to Bucharest, Romania? (Thanks to Conor Clyne – Tsar Experience)

Bucharest at night | A Time Lapse/Hyper Lapse Film 4K (Thanks to @Solomon Andrei)

Here’s why Romania should be on your bucket list (Thanks to UNILAD Adventure)


The series “Discover Romania” will continue to be updated. Also, two new parts will come: Important Romanian personalities & Romanian Music Legends.

Don’t forget. If you’re Romanian, help me make these lists bigger and better.

Thanks and enjoy!


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