Fuck it! … and be free.

Ma, am 29 de ani, aproape 30. Am trecut prin multe cacaturi, inca trec… sunt inteligent, sau asa imi place sa ma consider. Si daca am invatat ceva cu adevarat important in tot acest timp, un sfat pe care vi l-as da e simplu: Fuck it! Relax, things will change. Maybe not soon, maybe not late, but they will. If they don’t, there’s nothing you can do about it that you haven’t done already. Some things are not under your control, so just accept it and, well… fuck it. So, stop stressing yourselves so much. Life is the moment you live right now, not the moment that follows, which is not guaranteed by anything. Live here and now. There’s too much stress in the world that is making us sick. Be good to yourself when nobody else is. Remember: Fuck it!


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