Discover Romania: Part IV – Historical and emblematic places (and other important pieces of history)

Now leaving all the creepy stuff behind, I’ll start presenting the real beauty of Romania, and I will begin with the Sphinx.

Bucegi Mountains – Babele, The Sphinx (Natural Rock Formations)

Also, there seems to be a full documentary about the Sphinx produced by Oana Raluca Ghiocel in collaboration with Professor Robert M. Schoch. You can find the trailer here


On the land that now is Romania, there were the Dacians (too much history might bore you, so if you’re interested in Dacian history, just go to wikipedia or read somewhere on the internet). But, if you come to Romania, you can visit the Dacian fortresses. Thank you Razvan Malciu for the presentation!

Sarmizegetusa Regia Documentar Istoric


For those who love nature, Danube Delta is the place you need to be. Thank you Nelstill Video Production & Nelu Gheorghe!

Danube Delta Romania


The place where the old traditions haven’t died. Maramureș.


Another beautiful country side is presented in this video from the beautiful Campulung Muscel. Thank you Alexander Travelbum!

Exploring Romanian Country 🇷🇴 Câmpulung, Romania


Here is a presentation of a real life Romanian village home in our times. Many of the urban people feel the need to go back to the country side and escape the agitation of the city, and most of them go visit their parents of grandparents at the countryside.

Real-life Romanian village! Come take a look!


A short presentation of Voronet Monastery, built by Stephen the Great in 1488, famous for its murals and the unique color used, which is now known as “Voronet Blue”. Thanks

Voronet Monastery


Another beautiful video about Voronet Monastery done by Samuel Magal (S. Magal Productions)

Romania, Bucovina painted monasteries – Voronet Monastery


A beautiful collage of traditional art from the old Dacians, Thracians and other ancestors of Romanians, put together by Thraxus Ares along with the music of Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu (and conducted by Ion Voicu).


Tartaria Tablets are a very difficult subject to present, thus I will post various sources about them, beginning with the basic Wikipedia page.


A short introduction video to Tartaria Tablets published by March of the Titans (I don’t know the real Facebook page of this channel).

The First European Writing: 7,500 Year Old Tărtăria Tablets


Another short video shows us in more detail why the Tartaria Tablets are so important and controversial, and as the video states in the beginning, “it deals with a controversial subject and the theories expressed are not the only possible interpretation. Viewers are invited to make a judgement based on all available information”. Thanks Matrix World Disclosure

TARTARIA TABLETS, the oldest writing system in the world?? Myth or reality?


This video is different, because it presents Harald Haarmann, PhD (German linguist and cultural scientist) talking about the Tartaria Tablets found in Romania. Thank you Neokoolt for posting this!

The Danube Script – Old Europe { Tartaria Tablets }


The series “Discover Romania” will continue to be updated. Also, two new parts will come: Important Romanian personalities & Romanian Music Legends.Don’t forget. If you’re Romanian, help me make these lists bigger and better.

Thanks and enjoy!


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