Discover Romania: Part II – Traditions


If we’re talking about Romanian traditions, ‘ia’ or ‘ie’, also known as the “La Blouse Roumaine / The Romanian Blouse”, which also inspired Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo and Tom Ford, definitely must be mentioned here. And I’ll do this with some articles from The Romanian Blouse and some videos, some of which, unfortunately, don’t have subtitles.

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Disruptive Fashion ! #bihornotdior

Romanian People Found Dior Copied Their Traditional Clothing And Decided To Fight Back In Genius Way

La blouse roumaine – ia romaneasca-english subtitled

Museum of Remarkable Women – the Romanian IA

IA Românească – ideal de inspiraţie

100 Romanian Traditional Costume Collection -DORINA MANGA

How is the Romanian Traditional Beaded Blouse made

Arta de a tese la razboi in Bucovina

Emisiunea Meseriaşii, 2016. Despre războiul de ţesut şi arta cusutului. Ioana Dura din Mureşenii Bârgăului, jud. Bisitriţa-Năsăud.

Creatoarea populara Maria Zotic si mestesugul tesutului


Various folk dances from Romania are presented here by UNESCO!

Lad’s dances in Romania


Traditional Romanian dance from Transylvania (Maramures) performed by Ariesana-Fiii Motilor folk ensemble from Mihai-Viteazu and Turda.

Romanian Traditional Dance – Transylvania – Maramures


Romania has got very beautiful winter traditions and customs. Vatra Dornei it’s faimous for it’s Winter Traditions Festival.

Here you can si old romanian traditions like Ursul, Capra, Uraturi de Iarna and so on. Thank you Marian Gorban (and sorry I can’t tag you. I don’t even know what page to link to. please let me know)

Christmas Winter Traditional Romanian Dance and Customs. Vatra Dornei. Romania


‘CHASING SPIRITS – The Romania’s Bear Dancers’ is a photo-documentary project of Mauro De Bettio.

In December ‘17 he travelled to the north-eastern regions of Romania to join the villagers of Comănești during their anthic winter tradition.

Every winter, between Christmas and New Year, in this place the annual Dance of the Bears takes place, a ritual that symbolizes the death and rebirth of time. Men and women of all ages dress with bear skins and dance to the rhythm of flutes and percussion to drive away evil spirits and welcome the new year. Thank you Mauro De Bettio photography!

CHASING SPIRITS – The Romania’s Bear Dancers

The Bears Dance is one of the most spectacular traditional masks dance found in the villages of Romania. The bears banish demons from houses and farmyards and wishes a happy year.

In the bears dance, the animal dies and revives, in a symbolic dramatization of the myth of nature rebirth.

The 40 Bears Dance – Romanian Traditions (part I)

The bear dance can be seen on New Year’s Eve only in Moldavia. Its origin are older than 2000 years and it’s very similar to the Goat dance. It is said that it drives away the evil spirits and this way the new year what comes will be cleaned up.

The 40 Bears Dance – Romanian Traditions (part II)

Strange figures dressed in grotesque masks and sheepskins parade the streets of Luncavita on Christmas Eve, as the young men of this village in eastern Romania disguise themselves as ” Mochoï “, their mythical ancestors, to chase away evil spirits. Thank you AFP News Agency!

Chasing away evil spirits at Christmas in Romania


A short but beautiful collage with images of popular romanian winter traditions.

Romania – winter traditions



The series “Discover Romania” will continue to be updated. Also, two new parts will come: Important Romanian personalities & Romanian Music Legends.

Don’t forget. If you’re Romanian, help me make these lists bigger and better.

Thanks and enjoy!


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