Discover Romania: Part V – Food and beverages

Now, many people really, really enjoy Romanian food, so I’ve found a good presentation of some of the main dishes served in traditional restaurants and at the country side. Thank you Food Fun Travel!


Of course, when it comes to Romanian food, there’s so much to try but also so much to learn about its origins that it would take quite some time, so I’ll complete with yet another link to Wikipedia.


Since I mentioned food… Anyone hungry?

One of the most renowned culinary vloggers in the world, amazed by Romanian food.

Mark Wiens has visited Romania, and his videos produced here gathered over one million views. Thank you Migrationology!

Insane Food in Romania – GIGANTIC MEDIEVAL BBQ + Mangalica Hairy Pig!

Street Food in Romania for Breakfast!! $1.15 ROMANIAN MICI KEBABS!!

Unseen TRANSYLVANIA VILLAGE FOOD + Best LAMB Stew in Romania!!

Inside Transylvania – EPIC ROMANIAN FOOD + Wild Stews in Brasov, Romania!


A presentation of Romanian beverages can be found here, but I promise I’ll post more about these in detail. But, you really need to try Palincă, Țuică and Rachiu, but also internationally awarded wines made in Romania.


But I’ll also leave a little teaser with actor Aaron Paul trying some Romanian beverages. 😀 Bravo guy to try these 😄Thanks for posting this!

Aaron Paul testează puritatea ”rețetelor” românești | El Camino | Netflix

Travel Vlogger Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez gives us the experience of LIVING on ROMANIAN STREET FOOD for 24 HOURS in her video.


Also, many videos with our Canadian friends from JetLag Warriors contain LOTS of information about Romanian food, but you will find those videos on Discover Romania: Part I – Introduction, so go check them out!



The series “Discover Romania” will continue to be updated. Also, two new parts will come: Important Romanian personalities & Romanian Music Legends.

Don’t forget. If you’re Romanian, help me make these lists bigger and better.

Thanks and enjoy!

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