Recenzie: Nobody (2021)(lb. engleză)

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Rambo meets Home Alone

I was talking to my dad about this movie and I was telling him this is like a hybrid of Rambo, a single guy who kills everyone (except Rambo got some bullets and scars) and Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.

Apparently mikehowie-90-477334 beat me to it with the comparisong of John Wick and Home Alone.

Nevertheless… The same cliche as most american action movies: A single guy beats all the others, he is a retired agent of some sort or some guerilla fighter, people come into his life and he kicks their ass. And who does the brave American fight? Well, the Russians, of course! It’s always the Russians that Americans fight in their movies (if they are not fighting monsters or aliens to save the world).

A poor attempt at making a good action movie.

Just my 2 cents.