Recenzie: Morbius (2022)(lb. engleză)

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This is a paradox. Feels like a Horror B Movie, but with a big budget

Leaving aside the original story of Morbius from the comics, this movie is bad from many points of view.

The ultra-exaggerated features, the transition from science experiment to paranormal experiment, it simply has no sense.

Jared’s performance is good, but the character he played and the way he was supposed to play it, is just ridiculous.

The effects are good, but again, exaggerated. I don’t know what I’m watching. A supernatural horror movie with a bad script and bad lines? What with the joke “holy water? Really?! – What?! I’m not taking any chances. It’s triple blessed.” This is ultra cringe.

I really liked Morbius from the animated series when I was a kid. I’m an adult now, and was expecting something interesting.

It’s hard to make the story of Morbius with a realist touch, but this is way too far from anything realistic, that would have any sense.

My 2 cents.