The nicest mean person or the meanest nice person?


It’s a cold, cold world sometimes, leaving many folks changed to the core. People know they can’t lose perspective entirely and be hateful, angry, mean-spirited individuals, but they’re not immune to some soul blackening despite their heart being metaphorically enlarged.

1. You’ll give literally any human being the opportunity to not be a garbage person and assume they’re decent until they show you otherwise.

However, once a terrible individual shows you their true colors, they can’t be unseen or forgotten.

2. You care about others more than you do yourself.

Seeing your family, friends and significant others happy is prioritized above your own personal pleasure, and you truly aren’t capable of feeling pure joy unless those you care deeply for are as well.

3. You’re also incredibly protective of family, friends and significant others.

If anyone were to disrespect them, or even give them a remotely hard time, you’d automatically unleash a viciously hellacious wrath, from the deepest, darkest parts of your black soul.

4. Because of your annoying, overfilled with feelings, benefit-of-the-doubt-giving, stupid big heart, sometimes you’ll forgive those who’ve wronged you in the hopes that they really are sorry, and won’t make a fool of you again.

While sometimes that is the case, other times you’ll play the fool twice and your black soul will scoff at your big heart like, “You deserve any pain you feel because I told you this would happen but you’re weak instead of cold and black, like me.”

5. Sometimes people will mistake your kindness for weakness.

And you’ll have to let them know you’re capable of being ten times more ruthless and vengeful than they could ever imagine.

6. You can empathize with some people’s problems, but laugh out loud at others.

For example, seeing a homeless person might bring tears to your eyes, but watching an Instagram model’s dramatic meltdown as if having to take a daily selfie is some horrifying plight will have you streaming tears of laughter.

7. Sometimes your big heart is disappointed in your black soul because you know you could be a better person if you made a conscious effort to scrub away the blackness covering your soul.

When you’re kind and generous, you’re so kind and generous. But when you’re cold and careless, damn are you cold and careless. Are you the nicest mean person or the meanest nice person? You don’t even know the answer to that question.

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