Recenzie: Miami Bici (2020)(lb. engleză)

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Not great, not terrible”

It’s a pleasant soft comedy. Might be hard to understand for foreigners, but for us, Romanians, who know the subtleties in the movie, it’s actually quite fun to recognize some things which have been presented in a satirical way and should not be seen as an insult to our people, it’s just a funny representation of some realities.

Matei Dima has some good ideas and a decent to good acting, but he needs more directing experience.

Miami Bici isn’t something revolutionary, but, in my opinion, is much better than what we see at the tv, the so-called comedy tv series (will not name them). However, this is just my opinion.

L-a Seral was also a decent production. If Matei wants to go further on this road, I hope he will continue. I believe that he can evolve in time, by learning from his mistakes or failures (5Gang: Un altfel de Craciun – The failure might be due to the hate towards 5Gang, not towards the movie itself, since the bad rating on IMDB).