Discover Romania: Part VI – Lifestyle, music and party

Videos of Bucharest nightlife

Last and definitely not least, prepare to party hard in the Old Center of Bucharest. (half of the bars and clubs close somewhere around 4-5 in the morning). Don’t worry, not all bars are like that. We have many metal/rock/punk bars like Club Underworld, Fire Club, Private Hell Club, and many more.

We also have some gay bars like Thors Hammer Gay Bar. For more info on gay bars I think you should contact Asociatia Accept and Queero.

Many metal/rock/punk bars closed, others opened and I’m not up to date anymore with what’s on trend right now. Many gay bars also closed, others opened.

A good place to go for beer lovers is La 100 de Beri bar, which gives you the opportunity to taste hundreds of beers from all over the world. When all bars close, be sure to keep drinking at OktoberFest Pub.


For those into electronic music, we have a lot to offer! Many amazing clubs in Bucharest, but also some of the best festivals in Europe!

Electronic music festivals: (have I missed one? please let me know in a comment)


SAGA Festival

Electric Castle

Dava Festival


Transylvaliens Festival

Apsara Festival

Transylvania Calling


Waha Festival



Various music festivals: (have I missed one? please let me know in a comment)



Summer Well Festival


Sibiu Jazz Festival

Jazz in the Park

Garana Jazz Fest

Smida Jazz Festival


Rock & Metal: (have I missed one? please let me know in a comment)

ARTmania Festival

Metalhead Meeting

Maximum Rock Festival

Posada Rock

Rockstadt Extreme Fest

Bucovina Rock Castle ( Official )

Dark Bombastic Evening

Oblivion Sound Wave

Danube Rock Festival

“Rock Pe 2Roti” Open Air festival

Iubim 2 Roti


The series “Discover Romania” will continue to be updated. Also, two new parts will come: Important Romanian personalities & Romanian Music Legends.

Don’t forget. If you’re Romanian, help me make these lists bigger and better.

Thanks and enjoy!

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