pe la 17 ani, intr`o perioada de intuneric total, am simtit nevoia sa scriu o poezioara. avand in acel moment sentimentele necesare, am dat paharu pe gat si in 3 minute am terminat`o… tin sa precizez ca eram mort de beat si era dimineata. Nevertheless, sunt mandru de ea. 🙂



Take a look at me and tell me what you see
I’m a little boy with no fantasy
I live my life as I was dead
I’m even out of tears to shed

You say “be strong, don’t give it up!’
But I’m too tired and quite fed up
With all the lies and all the cries
That slowly bring my ill demise.

Yet everyday and every night
I carry on this endless fight
For I know there will be a day
When all this pain will fade away .



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