Recenzie: Trainwreck. Woodstock ’99 (lb. engleză)

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From Peace and Love to Chaos and Rage

This is the antithesis of Woodstock 69. I knew about the events from Woodstock 99, but I never knew them in detail, with extensive footage. I admit that I was impressed and shocked at the same time. As a fan of Korn and Limp Bizkit back in those days, the footage you find on Youtube is pure gold. However, what has happened in reality is something beyond words. I’ve been to many metal concerts, and I keep asking myself if I would’ve went to Woodstock 99 if I had the chance. I still don’t know. When you grow up, you start to see things much more differently then when you were a teen, and what happened there was… hard to describe.

It was, in my opinion, a blend of bad management with angry kids and angry bands. Actually, many things contributed to what happened. But it’s certain that a better management would’ve prevented this.

The documentary presents the events right in your face. I believe that for a three part series, it covered it pretty well, and the production of this documentary was well made. An honest presentation of what really happened at Woodstock 99. What Michael Lang wanted to do and what it turned out to be was completely different. In some ways, this is great, but in other, it’s terrifying.