Pruncu a fost romantic !

Da. Nu ma crezi ? Fii atent ce scriam intr-o scrisoare unei iubite cand aveam 13-14 ani 🙂 (nu am corectat greselile gramaticale tocmai ca sa pastrez scrisoarea in original)

“Love Or Delusion

 Are you the one ? I cannot tell . My love or maybe our love, as I wish , right now is delusive . I don’t know you so well my dear , but I understand you quite good . I know you’re suffering . I want to help . I know what you are going through .You’re man cannot love you anymore . But I can . You must let me love you . With all my heart, and give it back !

You let me be your one and only . The love we shall share may be better then the love he gave you . Give me a try .

God ! After the time we spend together during the day , when I come home … My girl , you drive me crazy . I can’t stop thinking of you , not for a second . I swear ! You are always on my mind . Is it possible that I love you already ?

Oh , and the nights are nightmares without you next to me ! I cannot sleep sometimes . I just hold the pillow and think it is you . It sounds so funny ! I know . But if you knew how hard it is for me .

And in the sleep . Hmmm…. My dreams are like shatter glass . And you appear in every shard n’ part of it . Always in my arms , always loving me . I want these dreams to be real ! My dearest angel , make them real ! All I ask is to share this love I have for you .”

Apoi, pe la 15 ani i-am trimis o scrisoare fetei care a fost si a ramas cea mai mare iubire a vietii mele. Scrisoarea i-am trimis-o cam dupa un an de relatie si imi aduc aminte perfect si acum tot ce se intampla, ce simteam si ce gandeam. 🙂

You are the one for me . I am sure of that . Time has passed and love grew bigger .
I write you this ,from the heart of mine ,that gave itself to you . Do not think I never let my heart dedicate to you . I wanted you in my heart since I started to know you better . That moment I understood that you are the most wonderful girl I ever met . So I couldn’t help myself from having you , in my arms , in my head , in my heart , in my soul . You are always in my soul and heart and my mind is always at you . But right now you are not in my arms . Because we argue of little childish things . Now I am writing my part of telling that I am sorry and with the tears in my eyes , I am waiting for you to come and hug me because I miss that damn much and I cannot live without it .
My little girl , I understand you . I know you are not happy because of many problems in life but I am here for you . I want to help you . I tried many times . Many times I did help you , but since three months back now I did not do anything but to make things worse . I never wanted that .I never wanted to make you cry . And I will never wish to do that . I will help you just like I did at the beginning . Only if you will let me help you again . I always been there for you my dearest angel .
There is no one in the world that could love you more than I do . Make me the man of your life ! I promise I will be the greatest choice you ever made in your life . You shall see that .
The life , we will spend it together in love always , I promise . I will give sweet taste to life when you have problems that make it bitter .
As I told you , I cannot live without you . You are my life . Without you , there is no real good reason to live for in this world . Spending the day with you makes me feel happy . Ending of the day , makes me feel lucky I have you to spend my days in happiness . I come home , I get in my bed , and sense your lovely smell that is still in my pillow . So I hold it tight , and dream of you . Without you ,my life would be so simple and boring that I would wish to put an end to it because it turn out to be a fake life .
Baby . You will always be mine . So forgive the man that helped you find the thing many people search for all their life . True love is what I have for you . I feel it like I never felt love before . You are the one ! Before you I kept asking myself if “is this the one ? how about her ?” . But there was no girl that made me feel like you do . And I never felt that the girl I have right now is the girl I will spend all my life with . Accept this like you will , one day , maybe , accept my ask for sweet marriage . You know that part of the movie … Real Love Is Forever . My dearest , Our Love Is Forever .

Nu mi-e rusine sa arat astfel de chestii, chit ca’s foarte personale. Ba chiar, sunt mandru ca am putut sa iubesc cu asa pasiune.  Candva am iubit si eu.. si am ras.. si am plans… si am invatat multe, mai ales despre mine. O sa tin scrisorile astea pana mor, sunt printre cele mai frumoase amintiri din viata mea.


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