Oh, no! Not the celebrities! * crowd screams *

Before Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, Putin was the worst person on the planet and everybody’s attention was towards Putin. But, after Will slapped Chris, he took Putin’s place as the horrible character of today.

I’d like to make some points clear for all the brainwashed monkeys whose minds go from here to there in a matter of seconds, as the media seems fit.

Chris Rock is a stand-up comedian besides an actor. He entertains people, but like many other stand-up comedians, he sometimes touches subjects that shouldn’t be laughed about. Will Smith, a rapper (if he can be called a rapper) and an actor.

At the gathering of all the celebrities who shout Woke statements, fighting for the rights of this and that, fighting for this and that, for justice and all the Cancel Culture and Political Correctness stuff, there was a guy called Chris Rock, who made a joke about a woman’s medical condition (if he knew or not knew about her medical condition, I don’t know). The woman was Will Smith’s wife. Will Smith, in his position as a husband, defended his wife.

Did he have to slap Chris? Not necessarily. He could’ve warned or let Chris know that it’s not ok. But when someone makes fun of your WIFE’S MEDICAL CONDITION in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, you don’t just stay chill. Some people lose their temper.

I see people calling Will a “puppy” or a “puppet” of Jada, I see people saying he crossed the line, I see people saying it’s not ok to do that in front of millions of people, I see people who say that it was Jada who should’ve slapped Chris.

Well, puppy or no puppy, a man has to defend his wife. If your wife or your mother was made fun of in public, and it was about a medical condition that made her lose her hair, I don’t think you would’ve acted differently. Yes, Will slapped Chris in front of millions of people, but Chris joked about Jada’s medical condition in front of millions of people.

So, whatever the fuck you pussies think about Will, he acted like a man. If you support Woke or Cancel Culture or Political Correctness and all the fluffy stuff and you stand up for people’s rights and integrity, than don’t whine about what Will did. Will was the one that acted against someone who (mistakenly or not) attacked someone else.